Your Guide to Google Cloud Storage Pricing

The Google Cloud Platform is the most user-friendly cloud computing suite available. Google Cloud provides its cloud services for free to its users, along with $300 worth of credits valid for a year. When compared to other cloud platform suites, GCP has the best pricing structure.

Google Cloud Storage is a highly available storage service provided by the Google Cloud Platform that allows users to store data files in the cloud.  Though it is free for its users, there is a pricing structure in place if you exceed your free credit limit. If you have any lingering doubts about what Google Cloud Storage pricing is based on, this is the blog for you. You can learn more from the GCP certification training.

This article talks about:

  • Google Cloud Storage Pricing Overview
  • Google Cloud Storage Tiers
  • Data Storage Pricing
  • Network usage and Retrieval Costs
  • Google Cloud Storage Quotas and Limits.
  • Optimizing Google Cloud Storage costs with Cloud Volumes (ONTAP)

Google Cloud Storage Pricing Overview

Google Cloud Storage pricing is based on the following components:.

Data Storage: The amount of data stored in the cloud storage components corresponds to the operations that you perform with the resources available. Storage rates vary depending on the storage class of your data and the location where it is stored.

Data Processing: The process done by cloud storage includes operations charges, any applicable retrieval fees, and inter-region replication.

Network Usage: Network usage is calculated by checking the amount of bandwidth used by the user. Charges may also apply for transferring files from Google Cloud Storage from one location to another.

Google Cloud Storage Tiers

Cloud storage costs are largely determined by the storage tier you select for your data. Here are the tiers offered by Google Cloud Storage